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A Blog is born… February 5, 2007

Posted by edukfun in add, attention training, general, nasa, play attention.

Welcome to the Sparks of Genius blog. Births can be messy, and some a little dangerous. We’ll do our best to make sure that this one is neither.

This blog is the public forum for the Sparks of Genius team. You can learn more about us by clicking the Meet the Team tab above. We’ll be posting all kinds of helpful information for our students, potential students and their families. Anyone who is involved with ADD, ADHD, Asbergers, Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) or Peak Performance will want to stay tuned.

You may have read the article about us in the Sun Sentinel back in July (2006). It was nice to get some recognition, but more importantly the explosion of interest in our work made it clear that we need to be doing more to get good information to the public.

What we do is take children and young adults, we put them in a funny helmet with electrodes and wires connected to a computer. Then we force them to play video games for hours at a time. Okay, I’m exaggerating a little. But here is the cool part: they play the video games just by thinking about it. The power of their thoughts controls the game. It is amazing.

Yes, this the same type of technology NASA uses to train their Astronauts (in my world, Astronauts get capitalized).

Curious? Read this article.

Here is a great little article from one of my favorite websites, www.LiveScience.com : http://www.livescience.com/humanbiology/051123_thought_bouncer.html

We’ll be posting tons of information about ADD, ADHD, Cognitive Training, Attention Training and the like. We plan to update at least once a week.

There–that wasn’t so bad. And we didn’t even need an epidural.

See you soon!

Allen Dobkin



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