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Work the Mind & Work the Body March 14, 2007

Posted by Dr. Rohn Kessler in children, Sparks of Genius.

The rise of obesity in America over the passed few years has sent the nation into a health craze. Thanks to new fitness centers opening up with tremendous equipment, Americans are able to give their muscles some serious attention. Meaning people who want to work out the various areas of their body simply go to a bicep machine when they want to work their biceps. The mind works the same way as our muscles in a sense. The problem that is facing the majority of Americans is that they do not know how to strengthen their minds.

The traditional way is to sit and study; if you do not understand you simply spend more time until you reach that spark of genius. The upcoming craze that is making its way across the nation lies within each individual. This is a pursuit that people have been pursuing for hundreds of years. It is the quest for the intelligence of the mind. Sparks of Genius has recently devised a system in which people can work their minds as they work their muscles. Dr. Kessler has a series of programs that has been proven to strengthen the eight intelligences. The purpose of Sparks of Genius programs is not to turn you into a great scientist, mathematicians, or physicist; however, after completion of the program you will have the knowledge of your own ability. Meaning that you yourself will know how you can maximize your learning. You will know the best technique for studying that will work for you. No matter age, ethnicity, or intelligence, Sparks of Genius is here to spark the genius that is inside of every individual.

-Jordan Green



1. edukfun - March 14, 2007


It’s great to see you here on the blog! I love the way you are comparing the Sparks of Genius Playground to a gym for the brain. Way to go!


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