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Summer of Fatness…I mean, Fitness April 10, 2007

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As if we don’t already know that we’re fat, here comes another obesity study. The twist on this one is that the morbidly obese category is the fastest-growing (no pun intended) segment.


This article is not about being fat!

This is an important issue because, while good health won’t magically fix symptoms of ADD, ADHD or Learning Disabilities, poor health will certainly make the symptoms worse. For example, an overweight child comes home from school and is tired, so he drinks 4 Vault Energy drinks and stays up until 2 in the morning. The next day, he sleeps in class. Rinse and repeat. It doesn’t even matter if he has any learning issues—this is enough to lower grades.

What is the solution to American (un)Fitness?

The good news is that there is one generic solution that always works for everybody: exercise! No, I am not saying that everyone will lose weight or will have equal benefits, or even that they have equal access and ability to exercise. I am saying that the benefits of exercise are so outrageously good that you owe it to yourself and your family to make fitness a priority.

Here are just a few benefits of exercise (from http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/exercise/HQ01676):

  1. End panting and wheezing when you go up a flight of stairs, also known as, strengthen your cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  2. Ease depression and manage pain and stress – we have way too much of this. Get it out on the treadmill, nature walks, tennis courts, swimming pools, wherever!
  3. Manage your weight! Carrying around 30-50 pounds of fat is exhausting.
  4. Keep bones and muscles strong, so they don’t break when you get old.
  5. Prevent and manage diabetes without pills, the All-Natural Way!
  6. Reduce your risk of certain types of cancer
  7. Sleep better.

The bottom line is that if you or your child have challenges in focus, attention, memory and academics, you can make strides by…well, making strides.

I also want to add some of my own:

  1. Be more focused.
  2. Improve memory.
  3. Improve academic performance.
  4. Increased attention.

The bottom line is that if you or your child have challenges in focus, attention, memory and academics, you can make strides by…well, making strides. Students with high kinesthetic intelligence benefit even more.

So how do we collectively get off our duffs after a lifetime of TV, Video Games and Computers?

That’s where the Summer of Fitness comes in. If you’re not a parent, that’s OK. If you are a parent, or a teacher, summer is the perfect time to pull out all the stops and make exercise a fun part of your life.

Start NOW. Have the kids make a poster that says, “Summer of Fitness 2007”
and put it up in the living room (over the TV?).


Buy everyone a new pair of shorts and sneakers. Sit down with the family and come up with 10, 20, 50 activities that you can do together: tennis, nature walks, lift weights, jogging, Frisbee, Ultimate Frisbee, golf, swimming, SCUBA diving, you name it!

Everyone has to start walking now: you have to be ready for the Summer of Fitness. You can’t dive in cold! Talk it up. Make it fun. When summer arrives, do one activity EVERY DAY. If you are planning anything intense or potentially risky, consult your physician.

Good luck!

Allen Dobkin



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