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Big Brains Don’t Equal Big Bucks (and some kitties) April 25, 2007

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Good news for anyone worried about the financial future of a child with a Learning Disability (LD). Research shows that intelligence, as measured by IQ, is not a strong indicator of wealth. In fact, “smart” people often have financial troubles that include not paying bills on time and failure to save money. It appears that diligence and consistency are more important for building wealth, as opposed to just a big paycheck.

Link: http://www.livescience.com/humanbiology/070424_rich_smart.html

Here at Sparks Of Genius, we’ve always stressed that traditional IQ is not an adequate measure of human ability. Our 9-5-4 Program is all about training 9 Intelligences, 5 Cognitive Skills and 4 Executive Functions are 9 Intelligences: Verbal, Mathematical, Spatial, Musical, Kinesthetic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Spiritual and Naturalist. Schools only care about one or two; Sparks of Genius taps into all 9.

Increase three or more [Cognitive Skills] and you’ve got a Total Transformation.

There are 5 Cognitive Skills: Attention, Memory, Learning, Thinking and Processing Speed. Increase one of these, and you increase cognitive ability. Increase three or more and you’ve got a Total Transformation.

Finally, there are 4 Executive Functions: Organization, Planning, Prioritizing, and Decision-Making. These are higher-order functions and essential for long-term success.

Students come to us, go through fancy, high-tech evaluations, and Dr. Kessler puts together a customized work-out regimen that plays on the student’s strengths and pumps up the areas that are weakest. 2-3 hours per week on a home computer, plus an hour in our high-tech, high-touch playground is usually all it takes. The results last, and they generalize to school, athletics, home, and the social realm.

I did promise some kitties. Here they are, courtesy of http://icanhascheezburger.com/



Cat and Mouse





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