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4 out of 5 People Suffer Brain Injuries June 9, 2007

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Does it seem like 80% of the people you work with are touched in the head? Eighty percent of people will sustain a brain injury and not get adequate treatment. Think you’re safe just because you don’t skateboard or Rollerblade?

Wrong. Brain injury is an enemy that infiltrates all social classes and cultures.

Most victims will suffer financial, emotional and physical limitations for the rest of their lives. Why is this silent epidemic…well, silent? Unless victims sustain a coma or cannot walk and talk, then the concept of brain injury is casually dismissed by society and the courts.

It is no coincidence that many cases of teenage rebellion coincide with an earlier bump on the head.

The effects of brain injury may not surface in entirety until many months after the injury. Most of us think that unless someone needs stitches, they haven’t sustained a “serious” injury. The scary truth is that a head injury can occur faster than it takes to form a thought or even say a word. Adults are prone to shaken baby syndrome too. There is help and there are signs.

Adults are prone to shaken baby syndrome too.

Try the complimentary 39 Point Learning Assessment to see if you can be set free from brain fog and live in the land of clarity! CDC has published a very helpful guide about what to do if you or a loved one has experienced a head injury.


Dr Amy Price

Dr Amy Price is a Patient Volunteer & Executive Director
at the Spinal Injury Foundation



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