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This blog is the public forum for the Sparks of Genius team. We work with children and  adults in the areas of  targeted brain fitness and cognitive rehabilitation.

It’s never too late to grow your brain. There are new ways to preserve and improve how your brain works. The sooner you get started, the better.

Who Can Benefit?

A parent with an ADHD child or a student with a learning disability, Asperger’s or gifted and talented abilities.

A retiree with some memory loss who is concerned that it could be early stage Alzheimer’s.

An executive or professional who needs to be mentally sharp to meet the demands of your job.

A baby boomer who wants to prevent or delay cognitive decline.

A college student overwhelmed by academic challenges.

An accident, stroke or mild traumatic brain injury survivor.



1. mrs Karen Levison - September 6, 2007

i read about your programme in binah magazine. is there anyone doing this type of work in london, england ? i have an 11 year old daughter who fits the same description as chaya, the example in the article.
thank you

2. Dr. Rohn Kessler - September 6, 2007

Hi Mrs. Levinson,
Several parents in England who read the Binah magazine article have called or emailed for more information. We plan to have someone in London during October and November. You can call 561-859-4060 for more information or email me at doctorrohn@gmail.com.

A good first step it to go to http://www.sparksofgenius.com and fill out the 39 Point Learning Assessment for Your Child.

All the Best,
–Dr. Rohn Kessler

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