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Broke brain? Here’s the work-around June 19, 2007

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Research has shown that we can increase our ability to solve problems. Expand your way of looking at the problem by decreasing the restrictions so you can see it a new way.

Here is how.

Look from a different angle such as how would you see someone else dealing with the issue. Change the structure of your thinking.

For example suppose you were to consider how a man can marry ten women in one month? If you see him as a man this is a challenge but if you see him as a minister, rabbi. priest or imam who performed marriage ceremonies it all makes sense!

Life is like this too. Sometimes a solution is right there on the inside when you see things a different way.

The flexible can be bent but are difficult to break. We can see this by comparing a young branch to an old twig. Flexibility can be learned and practiced. Just do it!

Pay attention to error feedback—ours and other folks. It is OK to ask “How did I get this to work for me? and “What gave me the clue to solve the issue?”

For the memory or spatially impaired this means writing down what did not work and doing it another way next time. When you hit the jackpot and figure it out write down what worked. If you hate writing or typing, say it into any recording device.

–Dr. Amy Price


Music and Memory and…something else, I forget June 6, 2007

Posted by edukfun in add parents, aging, brain drain, cognitive decline, concentration, dementia, humor, memory, memory loss, mTBI, music.
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Here is a great music video about the wonders of aging and fading memories.  Take three minutes to watch it: the laughs are good for you, even when they are at your own expense.

Note to young people: you won’t get it.