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Flash and Skateboard Hi my name is Flash. When I was little my mom brought home a surf board for me. Ever since that day I have gotten better at it and I have gotten into a lot of different extreme things.Some of the extreme things I like to do are skateboarding, wakeboarding, freestyle biking, skim boarding.The real reason I like to do them is because they give you such an extreme rush when you are doing them. Another reason is because it builds my confidence.I thank my mom for supporting me in life and in all the crazy things I do and I would like to thank my family for supporting me to be great.

Skimboard Skimboarding MadnessI skimboard at Deerfield Beach, Florida. Skimboarding is riding on the break of the wave. The break of the wave is the crashing of the wave onto the sand.I started Skimboarding about five years ago. Nobody taught me. The first day I went it was hard to skim board. I fell a lot, but eventually I could skimboard. I went to the beach every weekend.Now, I’m a pro. I can do tricks. The guy below is “spraying.” I can do it, but not as good as he can. There’s back flips, pop shovits, and lots of other things….too many to name.Next time I’ll talk about wakeboarding.

Tool TOOL has been my favorite band for as long as I can remember. If you want to listen to music with amazing musicians, then listen to TOOL. Buy the new album “10 000 days”, or the album “Lateralus”.They are unique. No other band sounds, thinks or act like them.Their drummer influenced me to play the drums. His name is Danny Carrey. Most drummers can do four different things and once but they don’t use it in their song. Danny Carrey does. How he thinks is amazing.The four different things that a drummer can do at once are: 4 different complete times signatures with each limb. For example, I can do a 4/4time signature with my right hand, ¾ with my left hand, 2/4 with my right foot , and another random time signature with my left foot.It took me about four years to learn how to do this. I kept on practicing because I loved it.

My advice to someone who wants to play drums is you better have patience, good control and rhythm. If you don’t have that, pick another instrument.

Blog 3 from Flash snowboardingSnowboarding looks like this:


This will be continued. Stay tuned for my big adventure in Big Sky Montana.



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