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Hi, I am Gavotte, and my mom just got me a guinea pig!!! I couldn’t come up with a name for her, but it is either going to be Paula, Cola, Snickers, Trixie, or Gavotte.If you can come up with any other cute guinea pig names, please tell me!She is about 3 inches long, or maybe a little bigger. I thought of the name Gavotte because I play the flute, and she whines, purrs, and whimpers when I play Gavotte.I play the flute, clarinet, piano, recorder, harp, saxophone, and I just started the oboe recently. But, I haven’t been able to play any other instrument besides the flute because I am in a contest called the Solo and Ensemble Competition coming up in 4 days!I would highly prefer my two Solo and Ensemble pieces for the flute because once you learn to play them, it is so much fun! I would like to give flute lessons to people after 4 days and I would also like to see them play my 2 solos, Minuetto and Gavotte.The flute is one of the best instruments you could possibly play, and choose. If you are allowed to get an instrument, I would highly prefer the flute because it is an amazing experience, and once you start it, it will be very, very hard to stop.

Feb 28, 2007Gavotte 2

The Contest

On Saturday, February 24, 2006, I went to my solo and ensemble! I was extremely scared just to walk in the door. I kept worrying that I would play the wrong song, forget the song, or miss all of the high notes that I kept struggling with for about two months!

Luckily, my judge just told me that I was brave enough to even play the highest note on the flute in the song, which was optional to do, but nobody told me that of course. He also called me very shy, and that I needed to play louder. He noticed that I played my flute with the blowing hole on my right instead of the middle. He said that that is extremely rare to see a flutist, but I was proud of that.

On Monday, February 26, 2007, I found out the results. I was literally shaking in my seat in the band room, waiting anxiously for the results to come. I GOT A SUPERIOR!!!!!!!!! I am waiting for my metal to come in, but I am proud of myself for just trying and not giving up. I am still shocked.

Entry #3
March 9, 2007
Hi, I am Gavotte, and I also have other hobbies. I also like to make a lot of jewelry on the weekends, but I don’t get to make jewelry that often because I have to practice my flute, oboe, and my clarinet occasionally so I will always have a good sound.( I am very interested in glass beads like the ones above. I love the
Different colors in all of the beads, because each of them are unique.)


Two of my favorite subjects are Reading and Spelling. I also like Math, but I think I am better at Reading and Spelling. Sometimes in Math, my teacher gives us extremely hard work that no body could do! I like Math, but I still like Reading and Spelling better because the work is not that hard.

Gavotte’s Blog #4

I saw this on one of my favorite websites that is all about chihuahuas! If you have ever heard of the website please tell me! It was http://www.???puppies.com, and please tell me the website if you have ever heard of it. All I can remember is that they sold purebred Teacup Chihuahuas under 4 pounds, and this song was on the home page. This is an extremely cute and funny Chihuahua video that will make even dog haters to want to buy a Chihuahua! If you know any other videos or websites similar to the website I told you about, please write me back (in the comments)!




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