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Entry #1

Hi, my name is Pieman and my favorite sport is football. I usually play football in aftercare with my friends who cheer me on. Sometimes when I’ve gone to play football but the kids always say…you know… they say “No, you can’t play.” Sometimes the teams are unfair because there are more players on one team than other. Most of the time, all the good players are on one team. When kids tell me I can’t play, I tell the counselor and they tell the kids that they have to let me play.After that everything is fine. I play safety. Once when I was covering somebody I left his open and when the ball was thrown to him I intercepted it and ran for a touchdown.I also like to play video games with my friends and play kickball outside. Me, Jonathan and Brian play Frisbee at home and at aftercare. It is really exciting.I like to draw little stick guys with a potato for a head and I usually use them for comics. I use sticky notes to make a pad to draw my figures on and make them move by flipping the pad. I like going on YouTube to listen to music with my friends. When I’m done listening to music I usually play games on the computer. My favorite activity to do outside is karate. It’s really hard and I have to go at a certain time and I should always go on time. Some of my friends who go to my school go to karate with me.

Entry #2

Today I want to write about kickball. The thing that I think is unfair is that when you slide into home base the teacher always calls you “out.” I did it three times and the teacher said “You’re out.”

What I think is unfair is that when somebody is going to get out, and we call “Out” the teacher automatically calls our team out. Also, when the teacher isn’t looking, when somebody gets out, they don’t even get out. They just stay on base.

The best part about it is I get to play with my friends. Everybody is happy when I catch the ball. When I kick, usually I hit a high one. But luckily I make it to base. But if I kick with my left foot, I hit a really hard grounder. I get on base that way too. When I’m kicking, people usually say that #1 is up. But if it’s #13 that’s up, the kid who is #1 gets up anyway. Because he always wants to kick. He’s a really good player and he usually kicks a home run. That’s not fair either. But I keep on playing because I really like it. I am learning a lot about sports and people AND it is fun.

Next time I want to write about playing with my friends in the neighborhood.



1. Debbie Anderson - March 22, 2007

Hi Lorenzo,
Wow, I am impressed! I thought you were a math wiz not a writer.
I’m so proud of you and look forward to reading more stories from you. Keep up the good work!

Aunt Debbie

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