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Chuckie (King of the Dinosaurs?)

Newest Genius


I, my name is “Chucky.” I’m interested in film. I like it because it’s scary. They make me feel cool because they look freaky.My favorite movie is “Jurassic Park.” I like it because there are dinosaurs that eat people. It is an adventure movie. People got eaten by raptors and T-rex. “What are raptors?” Raptors are meat-eating dinosaurs and they’re small, like 50 or 60 inches.
A raptor looks like this:


What is T-rex? It’s a big huge dinosaur that eats everything in its way. And a T-rex looks like this:


That’s all for today.

IN THE MOVIE Jurassic Park, the first part is when they trap a raptor in a cage but it’s really a box. They put it in this gate and the guy up there on top of the gate accidentally opened the door and he got dragged and he died. But you couldn’t see it happen.


There was also a t-rex in the movie.There was a happy ending to this movie. The kids and grownups escaped by helicopter. But there dinosaurs are still there.

Watch the Jurassic Park Trailer!


Chucky’s Blog Entry #3 The velociraptor lived during the cretaceous period which was 65 million -99million year ago. They had about 80 sharp teeth and sharp powerful talons. They were about 3 feet tall and 5-6 feet long. They weighed anywhere between 15-35lbs. They hunted in packs and were among the most intelligent of the dinosaurs. They were have said to be able to run around 40mph. They ate anything in their path.Click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPPrNyXqOyk to see a cycle of velociraptor walkingVeloceraptor 3-28Dino 3-28Dino 2 3-28

May 7th, 2007 Today we’re going to show you some different raptor videos:Here’s a funny one of a singing raptors:

Here’s a picture of a fossil dinosaur called Scioionyx:Dino1 0507

Here’s the last one for today: Nanotyrannus

Dino2 0507

I like dinosaurs because they’re so interesting. They’re cool because some can run faster than humans. Some of them can even fly. Some eat meat and some other ones can eat plants. Some can eat both.

I always wanted to have a dinosaur.

Next time I’ll write about what dinosaurs eat.




1. rose - January 17, 2008

Hey. You know quite a lot for someone so young. Personally, out of all the dinosaur species the raptors are of particular interest to me. I think they are cool. I like Jurassic Park too. Your site is pretty cool. Keep up the good work.

2. das - January 26, 2009


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