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Meet the Team

Dr. Rohn (small) Dr. Rohn Kessler is Founder and President of Thinking Pays and has a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Florida Atlantic University. His work there led him to look at the interplay between the brain, computers and learning achievements.
In his 40 year career, Dr. Kessler has worked in a variety of settings, from graduate schools to elementary schools, from a pediatric clinic to a prison, from drug rehabilitation programs and juvenile courts to wellness centers.
Prior to Sparks of Genius he worked at the University of Oregon, the Graduate School of Florida Atlantic University, and as a family counselor for the Broward County (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) Schools.
While working in the latter position, he saw hundreds of low average, average, bright and gifted students underachieving because of attention and learning problems.
His search for a solution led him to begin building a bridge connecting neuroscience and learning achievements. The result was the creation of Boca Sparks of Genius, where students learn to defy labels such as ADD, LD and mTBI and to move beyond limitations decided by others.

Ninah Kessler

Ninah Kessler is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Life Coach with over 30 years of experience creating psycho-educational programs that help people succeed.


Allen Dobkin is a freelance writer, teacher and coach for the learning disabled. Since 1998, he has worked with Palm Beach Community College’s Summer Youth College. He is an official computer nerd, avid reader, and horrible at writing bios.

Dr. Amy Price

Dr. Amy Price

This adventure called life has brought me to Boca Sparks of Genius in South Florida, where I serve as an intern. I am working on another Ph.D., this one in England in the area of cognitive neuroscience. My area of special interest is executive function.Several years ago I sustained a mild traumatic brain injury amongst other injuries. I was no longer able to travel internationally on a constant basis so I took inventory of my life and retooled my destiny. My vision is to contribute to the area of brain science and educational leadership. I will enhance cognitive rehabilitative strategies particularly in the areas of cognition and behavior. I will also help survivor families. There is a great need for sound scientifically based cognitive strategies to replace abstract concepts. The plan is to create a solid bridge between science and emotion. It brings me great joy to see others reclaim their brains!

My message to everyone is this:

“Refuse to let other people define your boundaries and enforce your limitations. The seeds of greatness are on the inside of you and they are waiting to be birthed. Hold unto your flexibility and sense of humor…you will need it on the ride of life! It is seldom a smooth ride but you can be the driver.

There will be falls along the way but the difference between a success and a failure is choosing to get up one more time in which ever way you can!

There is a way out and we choose to define it. We do not need to be defined or limited by other peoples’ boundaries.
You hold the keys that unlock the door to your future. We are all changed by the things we see and the people we meet. Your opportunity is waiting…go and meet it!”

All the best!


Jordan Green is a Learning Coach at Sparks of Genius. He loves working with people and watching them succeed. Jordan has ten years of experience as an athletic coach, personal trainer, and tutor and enjoys exercising, sports, playing guitar, and ballroom dancing.
A student at Florida Atlantic, Jordan plans to go to medical school and specialize in cardiology.
Although he is too modest to say so, Allen is happy to add that Jordan has already been accepted to Med School!





1. Ana Pinto - June 1, 2007

I would like to know aout the activities your organization provides for down syndrome children

Thank you

2. edukfun - June 1, 2007


Our program isn’t really targeted towards Down Syndrome. However, Ellen has some excellent information and experience in that area. If you send her a comment I know she’ll be delighted to help you as best she can. Her pages are here:

Also, you can email me and I will forward it to her and she will contact you directly if you like. My email address is edukfun at gmail dot com (encoded to avoid SPAM BOTS). Just put “SPARKS BLOG” in the subject line.

Good luck!

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